Sapwood Series: Sapwood is defined as the outer edges of trees when undergoing the milling process. It is typically discarded due to the color inconsistencies compared to the inner portion of the tree (defined as heartwood). Using small portions of sapwood, products in this series offers contrasting aesthetic patterns between sapwood and heartwood while supporting sustainability practices in woodworking.


M201's book stand is an excellent addition to any kitchen, library, or study center. Made entirely by hand using naturally beautiful and local material, M201's book stand features a small port in the base for easy device charging when necessary. Finished in satin polyurethane to offer a natural look as well as superior moisture protection and durability.


*Each piece of material is unique; wood grain patterns will vary from product images.



15” x 9” x 5”



Solid Black Walnut



Satin Polyurethane

Sapwood Book Stand