Sapwood Series: Sapwood is defined as the outer edges of trees when undergoing the milling process. It is typically discarded due to the color inconsistencies compared to the inner portion of the tree (defined as heartwood). Using small portions of sapwood, products in this series offers contrasting aesthetic patterns between sapwood and heartwood while supporting sustainability practices in woodworking.


Made from local black walnut sapwood, enjoy these handmade cribbage boards for game nights or simply as a decorative display. Gold, silver, and black game pieces included and are stored using a convenient hole plug at the bottom of the board. Hard rubber feet are attached to lift the board and protect from scratching surfaces. Complete with a natural finish to preserve and enhance the wood grain's unique beauty.



13” x 3-3/4” x 3/4" (varies slightly by product)



Black Walnut Sapwood



Natural Danish Oil

Sapwood Cribbage Boards