About Mark201

Mark201 was established in October 2020 by owner Steve Payne as a means to promote his small-scale woodworking creations. Mark201 specializes mainly in smaller pieces sold directly on this website in addition to custom pieces by request. Large or small, every piece is crafted by hand using selected quality materials to create a naturally beautiful final product.

Based in Sioux Falls, SD, Mark201 operates out of a residential property and sells products exclusively through this website and (occasionally) social media channels. At this time, no Mark201 products are sold in retail stores. Click the video to take a look around the basement shop.

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About Owner, Steve Payne

Born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD, Steve is a hobbyist turned part-time amateur woodworker who has always enjoyed creating things from wood. Whether it is a few 2x4s he nailed together to make an "airplane" when he was a kid or a finely polished piece for a client, Steve finds a deep sense of satisfaction in every finished product.


After numerous requests from family and friends for a variety of products over the years, Steve decided to start a small business to officially put a brand on his work and legitimize his operation. After much thought and encouragement from others, Mark201 was born.

Steve is self-taught without any formal training and has always kept one thought on the top of his mind when working with wood: this is fun. So long as it remains fun, Steve will continue to learn and grow his skill set to create more unique pieces.

Meaning of "Mark201"

The idea behind the name Mark201 can be broken apart into the word "mark" and the number sequence "201".

Two definitions of the word "mark" are a standard of performance, quality, or condition and an impression made on something. Using these definitions as a namesake, they are interpreted such that each piece is finished to a high standard of quality and seeks to create a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

Each number in the sequence "201" holds a different meaning in relation to the creative process. 2 represents the various relationships the product provides (piece and client, piece and maker, client and maker, etc.), 0 represents the production process from start to finish, and 1 represents the one of a kind, final, finished piece.

Combining these together, the name Mark201 insinuates that each handcrafted piece is held to a high standard from start to finish, resulting in a truly unique creation that provides a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

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